Key for the identification of the arboreal stratum species of the Atlantic Rain Forest in Ubatuba (SP) based on vegetative characters

Mariella EltinkI; Eliana Ramos; Roseli Buzanelli Torres; Jorge Yoshio Tamashiro; Eduardo Galembeck; Eduardo Kimura Published by Biota Neotropica (ISSN: 1676-0603), May 2011

The identification key was developed taking into account the herbarium specimens from the species of the arboreal stratum sampled, with at least 4.8 cm DBH, in two stretches of Lower Montane Rain Forest. Only morphological vegetative characters were used, such as phyllotaxy, leaf shape, presence or absence of stipules, trichomes and glands, and other aspects relevant to the species identification, besides field observations. The key comprises 193 (4 without identification) species belonging to 114 genera and 50 botanical families, and an interactive electronic version is available online at the site

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Bianca Caroline Rossi-Rodrigues e Eduardo Galembeck Published by Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Bioquímica e Biologia Molecular (ISSN: 1677-2318), July 2011

Practical lab classes are potential learning environments for the development of a series of skills. This article presents the proposal of a practical activity that involves the development of cognitive and laboratory instrumentation skills, in which the amino acids and proteins contents of a discipline of Biochemistry is worked on a scientific research environment. In groups, students are encouraged to solve a previously proposed problem, having autonomy to formulate an experimental strategy. The whole activity is structured in an approach that integrates theory and practice, which aims at seeking information on unknown samples, focusing the practice on the critical and creative observation of the experimental process.

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Exploring the utilization of audio programs in the teaching and biology divulgation

Thanuci Silva, Eduardo Galembeck, Maria Eleonora F. da Silva Picoli Published by VIII ENPEC, December 2011

In this work, we present a panorama of Biology audio program utilization in private and public high school of Campnas area. To gather the data, students and teachers filled in a survey, for identify the importance of media like software, video and audio in the divulgation and learning of Biology. Results show that video is the most used kind of material in class, and that audio and software are underutilized for the most of the interviwed, when studying or in class by Biology teachers. On the other hand, our work reveal that this kind of media is present in class. As this kind of digital content have proved themselves as learning facilitators, this work shows evidences that teachers know how to use ITC, but their methodology should be improved.

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Unraveling unknown objects: an inquiry-based biochemistry lab classes

Bianca Caroline Rossi-Rodrigues & Eduardo Galembeck Published by VIII ENPEC, December 2011

The Sciences at program in Biological recent years, in order character, focused on solving in a inquiry course activities, students go through processes, similar to a solve a problem. In the present work, it is presented the introductory activity of the discipline, which aims to introduce students to notions about the methodology of scientific research. In a simple and relaxed way, every student experiences a little research, going through the various stages of construction of hypotheses, planning development, analysis and interpretation to answer a question. The application of the activity has allowed us to visualize the students' prior knowledge, as well as Biochemistry practical classes of the undergraduate Unicamp went through a series of reformulations in to provide the instrumentation, to be environment. In all of the scientific research, to better teaching conditions, leaving the traditional based on classes aimed at problem to stimulate them to the discovery and development of inquiry skills.

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