Buffering-systems: a theoretical and practical didatic approach

Bianca Caroline Rossi-Rodrigues; Elaine Aparecida de Oliveira; Eduardo Galembeck Published by Química Nova (ISSN: 0100-4042), April 2009

Courses with practical and theoretical classes are potentially didactic structures for the development of motor and complex cognitive skills when operated in an integrated manner. When worked aligned, theory and practice enable a clearer view of the issue, opening scope for introducing concepts from other disciplines and for the development of lab skills. This paper presents a methodology for biochemistry labwork that promotes the teaching of the buffering systems contents together with to the development of scientific research practice concepts in an interdisciplinary perspective that integrates theory and practice.

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GPK: A collaborative work environment to authoring, management and publication of educational content

Eduardo Galembeck, Eduardo Kenji Kimura, Gabriel Gerber Hornink Published by WCCE 2009, July 2009

There are several emerging initiatives involving the educational materials production in large scales, to manage such projects it is mandatory having an environment that enhances the collaborative work. In this context was created a project management system (PMS) environment, containing tools that empower the synergy process. This environment was integrated to the Unicamp’s Digital Library of Science (Biblioteca Digital de Ciências - BDC) which was created by researchers from the Biology Institute of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), and it was named GPK. We will demonstrate a project case that use the GPK to develop multimedia educational resources (audio, video, lab classes and software). The use of GPK made possible to setup the basic project structure and to insert each of the materials, to create job scripts, functions, tasks, and designate responsibilities to specific tasks. The tools are integrated to each other, so its possible track the progress of the material, materials groups, users work, and allow the management of global and partial development.

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Odyssey: A Tool for Authoring Educational Adventure Games

Rodrigo Dias Takase, Gabriel Gerber Hornink and Eduardo Galembeck Published by WCCE 2009, July 2009

This paper describes an authoring tool called “Odyssey - the Adventure Maker”. Odyssey was developed to allow the creation of educational games in the Adventure style without the need of computer programming knowledge, allowing teachers and/or students to create their own games and use it. Furthermore, Odyssey’s site provides an environment to share the Odyssey based games with other users, who can use, modify and even improve them.

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The Use of a Digital Library of Science (BDC) by High School Biology Teachers

Helika A. Chikuchi, Eduardo K. Kimura, Gabriel G. Hornink and Eduardo Galembeck Published by WCCE 2009, July 2009

In this work we will present the Unicamp Digital Library of Science (Biblioteca Digital de Ciências da Unicamp - BDC), which was created by researchers from the Biology Institute of the Campinas University (Unicamp), and will also show how it has been used by High School Biology teachers. Its goals are: to disseminate scientific information and educational resources, specially those related to biology, and promote the teaching and collaborative learning, and authoring, in a web-based environment. The BDC also has resources and tools that allow the conducting of researches about its users and about how it is used by them. One of these researches is the investigation of how biology teachers navigate in the BDC environment, and what their needs are, considering resources for planning lessons and information for self-education. Preliminary results of this study with the profile of the teachers will be presented in this article.

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Biochemistry and molecular biology education in Latin America and Iberia

Manuel João Costa, Eduardo Galembeck, Marcelo Hermes-Lima, Leila Maria Beltramini and Bayardo B. Torres Published by Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (ISSN:1539-3429), September 2009

No abstract is available for this article.

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