Current members

Eduardo Galembeck, Leader

Team member since June 1996

Graduated in Bachelor of Biological Sciences at the Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho (1993), Master of Functional and Molecular Biology from the State University of Campinas (1996), doctorate in Functional and Molecular Biology from the State University of Campinas (1999), post doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania - USA (2002) and Purdue University - USA (2012/2013). He is currently a professor at the State University of Campinas, packed in Biochemistry Department of Biology Institute. He is co-editor of Biochemistry Teaching Magazine (, Digital Library editor of Sciences ( and Chemistry New Interactive (http: //qnint.sbq /). He is a member of the editorial board of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, and the Pan-American Association of the education committee of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PABMB). He has experience in biochemistry with emphasis on Biochemistry Teaching, acting on the following topics: educational software, biochemistry teaching, distance learning, bioinformatics and biology teaching.

Rodrigo Dias Takase, Mobile Application Developer

Team member since January 2007

Graduated in Computer Engineering from the State University of Campinas (2009). He was an intern-coodernador the game development team of Educational Technology Laboratory of the Biology Institute UNICAMP for 2 years. Did exchange to Australia in the 2nd half of 2009 and had experience in two local game development companies for computer. Upon returning to Brazil, he served as an independent full-time for two other companies of Australian games for 1 year and a half. He has experience in developing computer games, iPhone and Android. He is currently the co-ordinator of Educational Technology Laboratory Software (LTE) IB UNICAMP.

Thanuci Silva, PhD Student

Team member since March 2008

Doctorate in progress in the graduate program in Functional and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Teaching in the area. Graduated in Full Degree in Biological Sciences from the State University of Campinas (2013). She has experience in Biochemistry Education with emphasis in Educational Technology.

Grace Patrícia Keiler, Master Student

Team member since August 2010

Master’s in progress in Multiunidades em Ensino de Ciências e Matemática, UNICAMP. Bachelor's in Biology Education, UNICAMP (2012). Has professional experience in Biology teaching, with emphasis in Biochemestry, working in the following fields: games and educational softwares.

Juan Carlos Vega Garzon, PhD Student

Team member since August 2013

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine - National University of Colombia - Bogota (2002), Graduate Degree en Biology - University District Francisco Jose de Caldas (2000), Master in MSc Microbiology - National University of Colombia - Bogota (2007) and Technical programming software - National Servicio de Aprendizaje SENA (2012). I have been scholarship by JICA, UNESCO and TWAS in four opportunities to conduct studies in Brazil, Uruguay and Egypt. My work is focused on the development of digital tools to the scientific dissemination of biochemistry and astrobiology.

Caetano da Costa, Postdoctoral researcher

Team member since December 2013

Graduated in Biological Sciences at the State University of Campinas (1995), Master in Sciences (area: Biochemistry) from the University of Sao Paulo (2000), Doctor in Psychology from the University of Sao Paulo (2004). Former professor of the medicine course at the University of Ribeirao Preto (2002 to 2012). Graduation in Information Science, Documentation and Library Sciences (in progress - last year). Experience in biochemistry teaching and learning and in problem-based learning curriculum. Post doctorate in progress at the Educational Technology Laboratory, Biochemistry and Tissue Biology Department, Biology Institute, State University of Campinas. His main research area is about active learning methodologies, with emphasis on problem solving approaches.

Mayara Lustosa de Oliveira, PhD Student

Team member since February 2014

Master Cell Biology and Structural the State University of Campinas (2013). Degree in Biological Sciences, BSc (2010) mode, the Federal University of Goiás. She trained in Laboratory of Cell Behavior for a year, where she was a fellow of the undergraduate program (CNPq / UFG). Was intern NETESB (Center for Studies in Technology for socialization of knowledge in Biology) in association with Brazil Online business - Educational Technology, where she assisted in building interactive lessons of Biology for students of Regular Education. Also participated in the Green Room Project (Fern space - Ministry of the Environment), working on issues such as socialization of knowledge and environmental education. Conducted monitoring activities in Cell Biology course for biology undergraduates at UFG, and also as PED (Teacher Training) in Cell Biology and Biochemistry courses for biology undergraduates at Unicamp. Currently do PhD in Cell Biology and Structural at Unicamp. Operates mainly in the following areas: teaching Cell Biology (through Educational Technologies) inclusive education and environmental education.

Rafael César Bolleli Faria, PhD Studend

Team member since January 2015

Graduated in Biological Sciences at the University Federal of Uberlândia (2005), Master in Genetics and Biochemistry (area: Genetics) from the University Federal of Uberlândia (2008). Currently do PhD in Science Teaching at Unicamp. It professor of Institute of Basic Education, Technical and Technological (Campus Inconfidentes).   Operates in the following research areas: teacher training, science education and biology and educational technology.

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